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AMTECH - NC-559-V3-TF No-Clean Tacky Solder Flux w/ UV-Tracer - 5cc Syringe

AMTECH - NC-559-V3-TF No-Clean Tacky Solder Flux w/ UV-Tracer - 5cc Syringe


Accept no substitute! This isn't the cheap, knock-off imported stuff from Aliexpress. This is the genuine article and made in the USA. Its all I use. 


AMTECH - NC-559-V3-TF No-Clean Tacky Solder Flux w/ UV-Tracer - 5cc Syringe

- Industrial-grade wetting capabilities.
- Excellent ability to hold components in place. 
- Clear residue does not turn brown under high-heat.
- Not-corrosive. No-clean - can be left on PCB.
- Slow burning ratio - long lasting.
- Optical UV-tracer exposing unactivated residue.
- Pleasant non-chemical scent.
- Environmentally/health friendly.

- V3 is the most recent no-clean formulation combining the power of 559-series into a single universal REACH-compliant chemical material with optical UV-tracer and pleasant non-chemical scent. Makes soldering incredibly easy and fun without harming the environment or human health.
- Mighty desoldering - implements upgraded copper ions booster, visually noticeable while wicking the workspace. Instant action - quickly wets lead-free or leaded alloys aiding in delivery of perfect joints. Excellent tackiness - holds components in-place yet allows for an easy repositioning. Suitable a for multi-step assembly - get back to a project later, the flux will flow again without losing performance.
- Long lasting and economical - uses modernized fire-retardant process preventing the flux from burning away too fast. Optimal viscosity - 38-51 (Malcom @ 10 RPM/25°C (x103mPa/s)) - suitable for industrial machined placement as well as handcraft repairs and hobby use. Halide-free (<0.05%). Surface insulation resistant. No copper mirror breakthrough. Low electrochemical migration (<1 decade drop).
- Clear residue can be easily removed with hot air, foam swab and basic solvents. ROL0 classification - non-corrosive, doesn't short components, can be left on board for multiple SMT assemblies (manufacturer recommends cleaning all flux residues at all times to avoid board contamination or voltage leakage on circuits with high impedance, also non-activated residue may absorb moisture from air and subsequently cause corrosion).
- Industrial air-syringe intended for professional use with pneumatic dispensers, do not remove the piston stopper! Do not discard original nozzle cap, tighten the cap while not using the flux - flux may dry out upon extended contact with air. Does not include any dispensing components like plunger or tip which can be necessary to manually control the flow. Keep in a room temperature - do not refrigerate.

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