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Whether you are a buyer or seller, this is a safe way of avoiding Paypal scams. I will act as a middle man making sure that the items are in good working order and prevent a false Paypal dispute after the item has reached the scammer. I also ensure that the buyer is receiving a working item and not a DOA item.

If not contacted for return with in 5 days, then the funds are guaranteed for the seller. If the item is not in working order per inspection, it will not be posted for sale, thus protecting the buyer.

The Process

1. Contact me to send your item into me to be inspected and have photos taken.

2. Item will be posted with a description of the items current state and price

3. Item is purchased and shipped to the buyer. 

4. Buyer has 5 days from delivery to inspect the item, and request a Return Goods Authorization if item is not working per my initial inspection.

5. Upon inspection, if I determine the item has been damaged after my initial inspection, the RGA will be denied, item shipped back to the buyer and funds released to the seller. 

5. On the 6th day, funds will be released via Paypal to the seller minus the taxes, shipping, commission fee.

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