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FPVCycle TP3 3” Toothpick

FPVCycle TP3 3” Toothpick



Multi Unit design

T700 carbon in 0.5mm laminate thickness (thinner is better, typical is 1.5mm)

~9-10g built frame base with hardware (some variation)

1.5mm body plates, 2.5mm arms

Accepts 1”x1” typical whoop mounting platform

Good quality carbon but no chamfers to keep costs down

Made to be used. Not a shelf ornament.

Every line on this design is very delicately crafted for optimization

The optional cross bars are intended to improve durability for those that put their quads through the punishment of racing. The cross bars weigh 1.3g ea, are made of 2.5mm carbon and you will need 7mm long M2 screws to mount the motors after installing.

Multi Unit design benefits:

Repairability when you smash it

Skinnier arms for less thrust deflection and rotational drag

Similar weight to a monobody of the same or lesser durability

Cheaper to maintain

Easier to repair and maintain

Doesn’t ruin your flying day due to a crash

Included parts:

5x arms

1x lower body plate

1x top and FC mounting plate

About ~10x rubber bands



5x M2x6mm steel 10.9 hardness socket cap

4x M2x16mm steel 10.9 hardness socket cap

4x M2x20mm steel 10.9 hardness socket cap

5x M2 steel locknut

5x M2 press nuts (installed)


Under 109g AUW with 3S 450mah

Under 95g on 2S 450mah

No smaller or larger than 450mah cells in 3S or 2S

Press fit props on a 2mm prop shaft motor

No more than ~7g per motor


3S 3” Drivetrain:

FPVCycle 1303 5000kv 2mm press fit prop motors

Gemfan 3016x3 2mm press fit

Any of the Toothpick AIO 4S boards we offer

GNB 450mah 3S battery

We still somewhat suggest running this quad on BF 3.5.7:

Recommended PIDs for a TP3 on 3S and FPVCycle motors ~100-109g AUW:

Roll 48, 45, 26

Pitch: 52, 50, 28

Yaw: 65, 45

TPA: 0.50, Breakpoint: 1310

Recommended rates:

Set all Feed forward to zero

Roll: 0.99, 0.64, 0

Pitch: 0.99, 0.64, 0

Yaw: 0.99, 0.64, 0

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