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Flywoo X30 Waterproof Invisible Spray

Flywoo X30 Waterproof Invisible Spray


Flywoo X30 Waterproof Superhydrophobic Invisible Spray creates an effective waterproof coating for electronic modules, meeting nearly all your needs. Positioned to provide daily waterproofing for drones most easily.


Superhydrophobic materials are ideal materials used in electronic products for waterproofing. The superhydrophobic material resembles the surface of a lotus leaf. Due to its unique repellency to water or water vapor, superhydrophobic materials have inherent and natural functions of preventing water, moisture, salt spray, mold, dust, corrosion, short circuit, etc.

With just a simple spray, a highly effective waterproof coating is formed within 1-2 minutes, allowing your electronic products to withstand water splashes and remain usable even on rainy days.


Operating Instructions:

Cleaning: Before the coating operation, make sure to thoroughly remove the dust and oil stains on the substrate surface.

Maintenance or recoating: This product has excellent recoating performance. If re-coating is needed, clean the surface and reapply directly at the corresponding position.


1-Allow each layer to dry before applying the next one.

2-To achieve the best waterproof effect, it is recommended to spray repeatedly for 2 - 3 times.

3-Before use, please shake it to maintain the uniformity of the liquid)

4-After spraying, the surface drying time is approximately 2 - 3 minutes. The surface can meet daily use requirements after drying.

5-Don't let your circuit board be immersed in water for long when powered on.


Excellent water resistance

Outstanding anti-short circuit characteristics

Exceptional anti-corrosion properties

Natural self-cleaning feature

Effective heat dissipation

Superb antibacterial performance

Outstanding anti-condensation characteristics

Exceptional anti-frost/icing properties

Transparent and colorless

Application Scope:

●Covering all circuit boards (Flight Controller, Electronic Speed Controller, Video Transmitter, O3, etc.)

●Glass materials such as lenses (Can effectively prevent water droplets from adhering, but it will reduce the permeability by 30%. If dissatisfied after application, it can be wiped clean)

●Plugs on all circuit boards

●Plugs on the battery


Product Name: Flywoo X30 Waterproof Superhydrophobic Invisible Spray

Capacity: 56.7g (For example: Flywoo GOKU F722 PRO Mini V2 20X20 Flight Controller double-sided spray 3 times, need to use 2.5g)

Color: Milky white

Relative density (g/cm³, 25℃) : 1.56 ± 0.3

Water repellency angle:>160°

Material: Superhydrophobic material

Volatility: Non-volatile

Purpose: Used for waterproofing, short-circuit prevention, corrosion resistance, salt spray protection, mold resistance, dust prevention, and heat dissipation in electronic products.


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