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Odonata HD by CraftedKwads

Odonata HD by CraftedKwads


A micro drone that fits in the palm of your hand, rips like a 5", and shares the incredible vision of a dragonfly.

Fast, silent, and small, the Odonata HD is built for stealth, power, endurance, and fun. Spinning 2" props and weighing in around 50g dry, the Odonata HD is the big brother of the standard Odonata!


Motor mounting: m1.4 6.6mm tri point (single mounting & dual mounting variants), m2 9x9 (dual mounting variant)

Electronic mounting: 25.5x25.5 (bottom plate), 20x20 (top plate)

Camera mounting: Nano (14x14)

Prop size: 2"

Weight: 11g

VTX systems supported:

DJI (naked vista)
HDZERO (whoop lite)
Avatar (1s lite vtx)
Analog (nano vtx)


-1x body plate— 2mm thick carbon fiber

-1x top plate— 1.5mm thick carbon fiber

-3x m2x20mm standoffs, aluminum, silver

-6x m2x6mm screw, steel, black

-2x nano camera mount sets, various lengths,TPU, cyan

-1x rear antenna/battery lead mount, TPU, cyan

CHANGELOG: V1.0— First production design

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